Saturday, 8 October 2016

What's In My Bag? #3

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Cruelty Free Make-up Brands

I think it is crazy that in 2016, with everything that humans have invented, that we still test products on animals! I think it's outrageous, and something really needs to change! I try to slowly replace all my "beauty" and "home" products with products that are cruelty-free. Once I've used up a product, I try really hard to replace it with a cruelty-free alternative. 

Anyway, I've done a lot of researches on the subject, and I hope that those researches will help some of you.

First thing first, what you need to know:
  • In Europe, technically, all "finished" or "end" products are cruelty free BUT (yeah, there is a big BUT in this, otherwise it wouldn't be such a pain to find products that are not tested on animals), that doesn't mean that the company that produce the product doesn't buy components from suppliers that are cruelty-free. So a product that is said cruelty-free can have components that are not. Moreover, there is a regulation that is called REACH that requires companies to test their chemicals bylaws, so they can be sure that those chemicals are not harmful to humans (you can read all about REACH in this *article*.). So even if a company claims to be cruelty-free, they can from time to time test their products on animals when it is required bylaws.
  • There are several labels that can assure you that the product you are buying is truly and fully cruelty free. The most popular ones are the following:
* The Leaping Bunny *
If the product has this logo, it means that the company promised 
to not test on animals, no matter what and to not use components that are tested on animals. You can trust any brands that have this label. Here is the leaping bunny's *website* if you want to have more information. You can even download a Leaping Bunny app to have the list of all the brands that have this logo, which is good when you're shopping and you want to check if a brand can be trustworthy or not.
* The PETA Bunny *
Companies that have the PETA bunny logo have promised to not conduct tests on animals and to not pay for components that are tested on animals. Here is the PETA's *website* for more information.

*Other ways to know *
These two labels are the two main ones that assure you that a product is cruelty free, but there are other ways to know:

  -There is the "not tested on animals" logo from the Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) organisation that can also be trusted (click *Here* for more information).

  -If a product is vegan, it means that it doesn't contain any components that come from animal and it also most likely means that it is cruelty-free (even though, I would still do a background check on the brand, just to be sure). 

  -Do some researches on the internet, there are a lot of blogs that can be trusted and that are wonderful. I, for example, fully trust Cruelty-Free Kitty and Ethical Elephant. You can find a lot of information on those blogs. On youtube, Niomi Smart has also a video on her Top 10 cruelty-free beauty brands that can give you an idea on brands that are cruelty-free. And for French people and for people who can speak French, "Et Pourquoi Pas Coline" Youtube channel and blog also have videos/blogposts on cruelty-free products and brands and she also made a video explaining what is cruelty-free that is very informative. 

  -E-mail brands directly with your questions if after all of that you are still not sure about a brand.

         The Leaping Bunny              The PETA Bunny                 CCF logo

  • And even after all of that, they are other things that you need to be aware of. A cruelty-free brand can be owned by another brand that is not cruelty-free. For example, The Body Shop is owned by L'Oréal which is not cruelty-free. And it is totally up to you to decide if it's an issue or not. I personally still buy from them because these brands, even if they are owned by a non cruelty-free brand, are still doing some good in the world and they are spreading the cruelty-free lifestyle, and they need support and money to develop themselves. Also, some cruelty-free brands are being sold in China, and when a product is imported to China, the Chinese government and law obliged the product to be tested on animals. To me, it's a bigger issue than being owned by a non-cruelty free brand, because when they're selling to China, those brands are aware of that law and to me, if they're selling to China, these brands are betraying everything they are fighting for. 
So, here is everything that I know about cruelty-free products, if you have more information, feel free to inform me, I'd be more than happy to learn even more about this subject that I am truly passionate about. But now that you know a little bit more about it, here are some affordable brands that are cruelty-free:


The Body Shop

Barry M

Real Techniques



Other affordable cruelty-free beauty brands:

  • E.L.F
  • The Balm
  • Cattier
  • H&M
  • Melvita
  • Sleek 
  • Pixi 
  • Milani
Less affordable cruelty-free beauty brands:
  • By Terry
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • NARS
  • Tarte
  • Too Faced
  • Urban Decay
  • BeautyBlender
  • Kat Von D
  • Sunday Riley
  • Dyptique
  • Baïla
  • Koralyse
Obviously these lists are not exhaustive, and I truly encourage you to do your own researches. I hope that you enjoyed this super duper long (sorry!!) post, and I will see you very soon!!

Bye xx